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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2019


Act 3:1-15
The Resurrection of Jesus

In the crucifixion of Jesus, we hear and see the assertion of human power and evil attitudes in the world against the Lord. In the resurrection of Jesus God exposes the impotence of human powers against Him and the omnipotence of His love and power towards us. In the contrast the possibilities of life are ever present. In accepting His being and love we find our life. In rejection of Him is our death. The resurrection of Jesus says that in Jesus the power of death is broken: He is Lord of life and death. The resurrection of Jesus was not observed but it was experienced. The resurrection of Jesus says that He is alive and present to us, even WITH us when we become believers of/in Him. As believers we become witnesses of and to His saving presence. As believers we become participants in His life, transformed from being victims to becoming victors, in Him, over all the possibilities of life and death. As believers we become sharers of His joy. As believers, by His spirit, we ARE the Church—His Church. As such ours is the challenge/privilege of living into the fullness of His life and glory!

As the Church let us gather next Sunday for the installation of all Church Officers and the dedication/commitment of all Church members to His will. With all of our hears in the year before us “We Try”.

“May God’s grace and peace be multiplied unto you . . .”