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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2019


I Won’t Complain
Luke 2: 25-35

God’s grace and peace be multiplied unto you. I thank God that from the Christian faith prospective every year ends with the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the new year begins under the aura of that celebration. This is both instructive and encouraging to us. The year ends with the assertion that in Jesus God keeps His promise of redemptive revelation to all people. Each new year begins under the power of that revelation. We can begin the year in His joy.

The story of God’s high favor to Mary in choosing to use her in the fulfillment of His promise highlights that fact that each of us is honored when He involves us in His work of redemption. This was the central emphasis of last Sunday’s worship. Studying God’s dealings with Mary, however, makes clear that His favor does not exempt us from the reality of suffering. This is a baffling truth which prompts us to continuing examination of His way with us. This revelation is the point of focus in today’s worship experience. Linking honor and suffering makes the resurrection an inevitable climax of life in/with Christ. This will be the accent of next Sunday’s worship.

Under the claims of these truths—high favor, unavoidable suffering and inevitable resurrection—we will on the third Sunday hold the installation of all Church Officers and Leaders and make a sincere commitment as a congregation in response to the Lord’s calling/charge. Our Church Theme for 2019 is “WE TRY!” Let us gather for worship in fresh surrender as we enter and continue through the year.

Let us be prayerful one for the other!

Joy! We are one in the Lord.