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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, December 30, 2018


Stored Memories
Luke 2:18-51

Beloved in the Lord, by God’s grace and by your strivings to be faithful to His charge “Through the Years. . .”, we have come to the final Lord’s day in the year 2018. I thank God for the holy endeavors of each of you and I’m grateful to you for the extent of your yieldings to Him. So many of you have been inspirations to me and to others in the work of our Lord.

My appreciation is more than I can express to you for your remembrances of me and my family on so many occasions throughout the year past. Individual cards and calls, gifts and continued intercessions for us have been sources of strength. May God’s grace and peace be greatly multiplied to you in every way.

As we look forward to the year 2019, I invite you to examine and emulate the response made by Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the calling/charge given to her in the work of redemption which belongs to Jesus. Though, she did not fully fathom the assignment by God, she accepted the fact that she was a highly favored woman because of His choice. Throughout her days she tried to weigh/assess the significance of it all. She discovered that hers was more than the task of giving birth; it was also hers “to mother Him” to maturity through all of His years. She learned early that her favoring by God involved suffering for and because of His choice. Through it all she remembered and was strengthened in those stored memories of the sanctity of God’s choice and the marvel of Jesus’ ministry. She was faithful to the end. May it be so with each of you.

Joy! We are one in the Lord. Let us give to Him nothing less than our best.