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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2018


We gather today in a service of celebration which is well justified and incentivized by our history over 120 years. God's grace is the only factor that can explain our beginning as a congregation, our journey over mountain tops of growth and joy, and our preservation in and through valleys of trauma and testing. Amazing grace! Grace has surely brought us, saliently so. We sing as our celebration theme song "Through the Years I Keep on Toiling. . .Until!" God causes us to arrive at the points of His own planning and promising. Our cups of rejoicing overflow.

What a witness is incased in our years past. I am favored by God to have been a part of that testimony for better than one half of the years span. I marvel at what God has done. That witness, however, is not a finished one. God has preserved us to evidence His continuing presence and purpose in THE FLESH in the world now at a crucial point of its needs. We look with openness to His Spirit's leading us as we move beyond our 120 years into the future. Let us pray for each other that we will truly be one in Him and with each other.

Welcomed to our worship is the Reverend C.L. Bachus, a close friend of mine and the White Rock Family. We bless the Lord for His presence. Our hearts are open to the voice of God in/through his preaching.

Thank you, White Rock, for your response to our financial goal and to the summons to deepened spirituality in the faith.

"May God's grace and peace be multiplied unto you. . ."