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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hebrew 6:1-3

Beloved, may God's grace and peace be multiplied unto you. . .

Thanks to all who prayed for and participated in our Bible reading the past week. Let the "happening" be an event of real listening to and submitting with sincerity to the Word/Will of God. The sermon today highlights how essential that attitude of receptive openness to our God really is.

Next Sunday is our 120th Anniversary day of climatic rejoicing and should be claiming us with a magnet power that is irresistible. May we remind ourselves and each other to gather to worship at 10 am. Let each of us do our best to bring an extra offering to meet our financial goal. Join in asking God for a powerful outpouring of the Lord's Spirit. DON'T FORGET THAT DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT.

Two weeks from tomorrow (Tuesday, November 6) is ELECTION DAY. I urge each of us to become an active committee of one-urging every eligible voter to cast his/her ballot and cast it early. Your vote is one sure step in breaking the power of racial animosity, visible and hidden, within the nation's soul.