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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, October 27, 2019


Beloved people of White Rock:

I am both grateful to our Lord for and sobered/humbled by the fact that He has linked our lives together in Him for over fifty percent of your 121 years and over seventy-six percent of my 85-year life span. We have grown together in Him and been recipients of His marvelous grace and calling. We have sought to learn and live into the fullness of His covenant challenge/relationship with us. It is a missional bonding! Ours has been a Journey in Joy!

I listened to the story of His Covenant ties with us as we have read the Bible—the Covenant Books—over the last several weeks. We have sometimes read easily and sometimes haltingly (even hesitantly) as we attempted to listen in openness to Him. Perhaps our reading has been a reflection of the challenge of His Covenant calling to us and the unevenness of our responses to Him. Such has been the record of the call and response relationship from the beginning of human lifetime. He has made us for a fulfilling relationship in obedience to Himself and in fellowship with Him and each other. We have both enjoyed that relationship and then rebelled against His will. He has consistently shown us blessings and judgment. He still missionally calls us in Jesus Christ to witness to the reality of His grace and judgement in this sordid time.

Thanks be to Him: in His loving mercy He has not abandoned us to our rejections. So, we joyfully celebrate His grace today and penitently commit our lives anew to Him in His Covenant Mission. To Him be the Glory!.

I know that you join with me in welcoming the Reverend Dr. Wendell Griffen as the prophet /preacher for this festive occasion. May God speak through him and open our ears to His word.

“May God’s grace and peace be multiplied unto you . . .”

Joy! We are one in the Lord.