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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, November 04, 2018


God be praised for the manifestations of His Spirit and the participation of you His people in our Anniversary celebrations to date. As the under shepherd of the Lord here, my heart is gratified and encouraged. May God’s grace and peace be truly multiplied unto you.

Including today, nine Sundays or 51 days remain in the 2018 calendar year. There may be one or two more events acknowledging our 120 years; continue to support them. One special “happening” ahead is a focusing on the global face of our faith in Christ. This will take place on Sunday, December 9 at 10 am and 3:30 pm. Our challenge from the Lord is to be witnesses unto Him here and all over the world. I ask you to add this “happening” to your “must attend and participate in list;” more information will follow shortly.

In the meantime, each of the two months remaining has a regular moment of high calling. In November there is Thanksgiving Day. In December there is the observing of the Birth of Our Messiah. It is clear that the year does not wind down. It concludes in a crescendo of praise even as we would launch into 2019 with a renewed commitment to “push on” towards “perfection” in the Lord. We have not arrived, but we are propelled and attracted by our faith in God, our hope rooted in His promises and our love for Him and for each other.

Joy! We are one in the Lord.