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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2018


Greetings, beloved in the Lord.

We move excitedly towards the formal conclusion of our celebration in 2018 of 40/50/60/120-year periods of our history as the White Rock Baptist Church. These periods had not been exhaustive, but they have been indicative of the richness of our journey, of the marvelous manifestations of God purposes for us in His grace.

There have been two dimensions/goals of our celebrations. First, the highlighting of and rejoicing in the constancy of God’s merciful hand upon us through the years. Second, the contributing of $120,000 BEYOND our normal giving in order to make needed repairs in our physical facilities. These gifts could be made at any time throughout the year, but Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Youth Day and Church Anniversary Day would be the focus days of response with “giving beyond.” Every gift is appreciated—those for regular ongoing ministry support AND gifts for work not included in regular offerings. Changing designations of our giving is the right of any member but such simply shifts from one challenge to another. Our need is wholehearted efforts to meet both challenges.

As we move into the final three weeks of our celebration, let us make our best efforts to give unto the Lord nothing less than our best in thanks and thanks-giving to God. Included is the commitment to submit to the whole council of God by reading and hearing the full book of His word! Bible Reading Begins Sunday, October 14 – Saturday, October 20.

Let us rejoice that we are one in the Lord!