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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, September 02, 2018


Genesis 2:4-8,15

Greetings and Joy!

I pray that a sense of special excitement stirs and grows within us as we enter this month into the final months of our celebration of 120 years as a congregation. I say, “special” because we are ordinarily excited by the regular course of activities to the glory of God. In addition to them, however, we have more focused points of attention: people and places in our heritage. May we experience enrichment through our heightened awarenesses. Continue in daily prayer for this 40-50-60-120 in 2018.

This week the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. meets in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pray for the assembly of delegates that all decisions will be prayerfully and properly made.

Take note of and give support to the special activities here on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of the month: the “outdoor festival events” on the 15th that have a particular attraction to the community and children, and the luncheon for the “More than Seniors” among us on the 22nd. May the Lord abundantly bless both occasions.

The family of Dr. Henry H. Mitchell, III is planning a recognition of his 100th year this coming Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 in Trenton, NJ. It is my hope to be present on the afternoon of the 8th. I met Dr. Mitchell more than 50 years ago in Oakland, California. He initiated the coming together of 20 plus pastors from various denominational bodies and their formation into “Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellows in Black Church Studies.” From 1972 through 1975 they (we) studied and wrote in Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti, Atlanta and Rochester, NY. For this each participant was awarded the Degree of Doctoral Ministry by Colgate Rochester Crozer Dexter Hall Seminary in 1975. Only a few of the fellows are yet alive. I am grateful for the association and fellowship we had/have.

God be praised! “May His grace and peace be multiplied unto you. . .!”

Thank you for your response to the book signing on last Sunday. I will let you know the number of books that were purchased. You may still purchase books by contacting the office and bringing your monies. Each book is $15.