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Word From the Pastor

Posted on Sunday, August 19, 2018


Greetings, Beloved!

Last Sunday afternoon I attended a worship/funeral service for a member of my wife's family in Great Falls, South Carolina. Laudatory comments were made about the deceased. The eulogy was challenging and well delivered by the church's Pastor. But the part of the worship that most claimed me was the worship in song-the singing by the congregation. In particular, they sang what we here call the Meditation Chant-"Spirit of the Living God, Fall Fresh on Me." It was in a tone with which I was not familiar and was, sung in multiple voice harmony and the words were repeated with an increasing fervor of petition until the full congregation was caught up in the prayer.

Following the service, I asked the musician if he had a copy or taping. To my disappointment he said, "no" but was appreciative of my inquiry and comments. I shall inquire further. For me, each time I hear this song/prayer it is an asking deeply felt and needed. Sing it today with renewed sincerity and urgency.

"God's grace and peace be multiplied unto you. . ."

Joy! We are one in the Lord.